Prevail Marketing

A playful &
confident ideology.

Prevail Marketing is a full service, digital marketing agency located in Los Angeles. Our goal was to create a cohesive brand identity that would emphasize the importance and benefits of the playfulness and creativity of the employees at Prevail.
Brand Identity

Building for the future.

In order to create a brand identity that would speak to the team at Prevail as well as their clients, our goal was to develop a brand that touched on the simplicities of working in a marketing agency. From daily experiences to upper management, we were able to build a platform to help Prevail Marketing continue to grow their business.

Color & Typography

Modern, yet classic.

Choosing a simple color palette allowed us to express the inspiration that exudes from the offices of Prevail Marketing. The logo type, while simplistic, allowed us to expand the brand strategy through other facets of design. From stationary, employee handbooks, print collateral and more, we were able to build from a minimalist approach to create a stunning and expansive atmosphere across all media.