What business podcasts should you be listening to?

When it comes to business, what works and what doesn’t changes at a constant rate. The speed in which the business world moves make books that are relevant about the subject hard to find. Given after five years most of these books are completely outmoded, it can be difficult to find business advice that works in the 21st century.

Enter business podcasts!

Business podcasts aren’t anything new and are a constantly updated medium that allows new information to flow into the business ecosystem on a weekly basis rather than every other year. There are lots of business podcasts out there, but today we are going to introduce you to a few that cover different avenues of information that you, a business owner, might need or want.

The Tim Farris Show

Tim Farris needs no introductions as far as business advice is concerned. As an author, he’s written business books that have upended traditional conventions and with titles like Tribe of Mentors and Tools of Titans that are evergreen content (Which is insane in the business book world). His podcast is well-produced, has boatloads of great information, and is constantly updated. Check it out.

How I Built This

This podcast is about businesses that you know about, and some you don’t, and how they went from obscurity to being a household name. Full of brilliant insights into the minds behind massive brands, it’s a great show for people who are wondering how they can make their business work.

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes was going to be a football player. Then his dream vanished after a career-ending injury. That didn’t stop him as he shifted his focus toward business and the human side of design. His podcast offers interviews with business leaders and important tips on how to be successful even during the darkest times.

These are a handful of podcasts in a sea of options. I truly enjoy these shows and feel that they are a perfect fit for anyone starting out or currently running a business. I hope you enjoy them and that they give you some insight into how to make your business even better.

Sep 24, 2019

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